how I fell in love with essential oils


I have been taking baby steps towards a healthier life style my entire life, since having children my need to live cleaner has increased ten fold. Natural, cleaner eating, cloth diapers, replacing chemicals in our home with homemade natural alternatives, planting a garden, homeschooling. With each step I have hoped for a happier, healthier family.

I had heard of essential oils, my mum raved about them when I was a child and still speaks of the magic behind oils. I knew they were used for scents in my chemical free products. But honestly, when first introduced to the idea, I made fun, thought it wacky and pretty much unthinkable that an oil could cure the ailments in my life. So I left that conversation saying, “I’m going to need you to test those out first.” When the same friend came back stunned with how well they worked for her insomnia, I became curious.

The first thing I tested the oils on was my chronic headaches. I had suffered with daily headaches for over 13 years. If they could cure those I would be sold. I ordered a few different sample sized bottles, of a few different brands. I used them daily, and 6 weeks later I had not touched the bottle of ibuprofen in my cabinet. Amazing! Life changing! I didn’t need pain relievers anymore. I didn’t need the upset stomach, the worry of what long term side effects were going to result for constantly popping pills. It honestly brings tears to my eyes, knowing that Ill never have to go back to that.

Next I researched. I read, and read. About all the brands, qualities, what they could be used for. If I was going to use these on my family, on my children they had to be pure. I didn’t want condensed chemical, toxic oils. I learned that in the US, to call an essential oil 100% pure, it actually only needed 5% essential oil in the bottle. Whats the filler? Well you would never know because they don’t need to label that. Scary! I read that they have been used for over a thousand years. They are natures medicine. They were put here for us to use, whether you believe in God or in mother nature, there is no denying that we have been given the resources to cure what afflictions life produces. In the end I narrowed it down to two bigger companies, then compared and contrasted. At first the buying process put me off, but I wanted the best. In the end the only company I could find to meet all my standards was Young Living. Not only did they have an awesome wholesale program, they had the purest oils. They test the purity of their oils far beyond any other company. They have a seed to seal process, that guarantees they know who, what, where and how the oil has been produced. They only treat the fields with essential oils, they only bottle the perfect oil, if it fails their tests they wont use it.

I signed up for their wholesale membership.  I got a fun starter kit, that comes with a diffuser and a wide selection of oils. The $150 price tag was hard to swallow at first, but as soon as it arrived that feeling was replaced with pure excitement. The first thing I did was plug in and use my diffuser, I put in thieves, since my littlest had been ill. My home smelled beautiful and warm, it is still by far my favorite scent.

Since using the YL brand I have had so much more energy, they are clearly superior. I don’t know if its the peaceful sleep I have from the sleep combo, or the daily lemon in my water. But I feel fantastic! My children use them daily too. We use them to clean with, on cuts and scrapes, to aide weight loss, as a pick me up, flea/tick prevention on our pets, to prevent and shorten illness time. If you can think of a medicine or a chemical you are using in your home you can find an oil to replace it. I am 100% sold, I will never go back!



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