pickling wednesday


Sunny days are perfect for trips to the farmer’s market. Today we found some great little organic, pickling cucumbers. So we set to work on some yummy dill pickles! Here’s the recipe we used:

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

3.5lbs pickling cucumbers
12 cloves of garlic
6 teaspoons of dill seed
4.5 cups of white vinegar
4.5 cups of water
4.5 tablespoon salt
6 jars

Now, I am a jar hoarder. I keep every jar, of every size and they always come in handy in the end. So first off, I selected 6 pickle sized jars. Some still had the labels on, so I used hot water and lemon oil to clean the jars. Then set them aside to dry.


I washed the cucumbers well and sliced them longways into 3 or 4 pieces depending on their size.



Then I put a teaspoon of dill in each jar, and two crushed garlic cloves.



Then stuffed the jars full of cucumber slices.


Next I poured the water, vinegar, and salt into a pan and brought to a rolling boil. I poured the hot brine into the jars, filling the jars and tapping out any air bubbles. Then screwed on the lids tightly. Let them cool, then put right into the fridge. They will be ready to eat in 48 hours, but will last for several weeks in the refrigerator.

If you’re a canner you can use the same recipe, and just add the extra step of processing the jars. Those pickles will keep for at least a year.




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