a leap of faith


Wednesday morning at 8:17 the phone rings.  I am in the kitchen, getting my coffee, fixing cereal, waffles, milks, juices to quiet the many hungry mouths. Its my dad, which is odd, he rarely calls – and never in the morning.

He leads the conversation with, I think your mama and I need to move in with you.  There are going to be a lot of problems, but it will be the best choice.  This needs to happen soon.  Okay.  Of course, it makes sense, his health is declining, they have a large house on 1/2 acre, its too much for my mom to care for on her own if something should happen to him.  He follows with, we need a bedroom on the main level, I can’t go up and down stairs. Okay.  That requires the sale of our current home, their current home, and the purchase of a new home.  No problem.

Except the five small bodies who run about this home from sunrise to sunset making messes as little bodies do.

This is going to require a lot of strength, prayer, patience and perseverance I believe.

Step one.  Decide when to sell.  That was easy, now.  He said they need to move in as soon as possible.

Step two.  Get your house ready to sell.  Here is where that prayer and patience come into play.  This also leads into step three.

Step Three.  Choose a realtor.  We stuck with our realtor we used in the past, who sold our first little home in four days.  May she still have her skill.

We will pause on step two and three for a while.  We had the realtor over to give us pointers.  Big mistake for anybody wanting to keep calm and be a good parent.  The list was overwhelming, expensive and brought me to tears.  I felt paralyzed as she rattled off the list, all I could do was smile and nod my head.  As she walked out my front doorMy little five bodies got yelled at and bossed around like they were little soldiers in my crazy army.

Every day since has been spent cleaning, de-cluttering, moving furniture, painting, mulching (our current mulch was cedar, she prefers chocolate brown – so rip up and replace ASAP),  shampooing carpets (which were supposed to be replaced – but this is our realistic life, and that did not fit in), fussing and having small meltdowns.  That would be me, the mama having the meltdowns.  The husband and the little ones just stare and try to be agreeable.  Just an FYI – I did discover that mixing the essential oils Joy and Valor with a dab of coconut oil and rubbing on my feet made me feel one hundred percent better.  It was like a sense of calm and peace came over me within a couple of minutes.  I literally felt the tightness in my chest relax, and my body felt looser.  Amazing, thank you Jesus for these oils – now more than ever.

The professional photographer comes on Saturday at 3:30 pm to take pictures of my house for the internet listing.  At this time, it should have cute decor, throw pillows in bright colors and accent decorations to match those pillows.  Also – all bathrooms should have cute hand towels that have never been used.  Let’s see.  do not have, do not own, do not have.  Pictures will have to be a little bare, and I will hope for the best.

Step four.  Choose a house to move into.  That is a work in progress and I will update you on that in the next post.


This is the current home  that holds me, my husband, our two pups and our five little ones.


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