homeschool supply list


I have been waiting for July since we started homeschooling, it’s back to school season! The perfect time of year, to stock up on the necessary supply’s to provide a fun, creative atmosphere for my children’s learning. Maybe I’m a little too excited, but I really love a bargain, and there’s plenty to be had during this time. 

It can be overwhelming trying to think about all the supplies you may need for the up coming year; so hopefully this post will help narrow things down for some of you.



First off, glue! There are never enough glue sticks in my home, especially with the kids working on daily projects. We prefer Elmer’s, it’s just a better quality glue, that actually sticks.


Composition books are so handy to have extra of, we use them as daily journals and travel logs. When ever we go on a field trip the then write about it and glue in some items, kind of like a scrap book.


Next up spiral notebooks, we have one for each of our main subjects. The kids take notes, practice math problems, or draw out their ideas in them. I really like to keep a record of what they have worked on, having it in a spiral form is easier to organize than mounds of papers.


We use a large number of these plastic, 3 pronged folders. We use them to put our ebooks in (which are an amazing buy- but that’s for a later post:)


These cardboard pocket folders will be used for projects through out the year and for my older two to keep their research together in one place. Also for those loose worksheets.


Crayons, school just couldn’t be without them. All my kids love to colour, so I always buy plenty. We prefer crayola crayons, they just colour better!


Oil pastels were always one of my favorite mediums growing up, so I love for my kids to get their little hands on some. They make for great, creative art work.


WASHABLE markers are also a must have. We have a little girl who enjoys drawing on the walls when no one is watching, so washability is important to us, plus the ink is easier to wash out of clothes. We use markers for everyday drawing and colouring.


Coloured pencils are probably our favorite art supply, my girls love to use them for more detailed colouring books. Again crayola being our brand of choice.


The erasers on our pencils never seem to make it very long, my son really likes to put some power behind his erasing. So new pencil toppers and larger erasers are always needed.


Tempra paints are awesome for kids. We stick to the prime colours, then black and white. We mix all the other colours in between, it helps instill the colour wheel, and it’s fun!


<img src="

76.jpg” alt=”20140725-062116-22876876.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />


A selection of paper is a must, you can really get somes deals in the few weeks before publics school starts.


Another great tool to have around for practicing writing or math is whiteboards and dry erase pencils or pencils. They get a lot of use through out the year.

There are of course many other items we throw in the cart, scissors, rulers, highlighters, pencils, but hopefully I provided a few ideas 🙂 enjoy shopping!


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