leap of faith part two…


today the photographer came to take pictures of the house.
in order to make the house look “staged” it needs to be completely spotless, decluttered, decorated and empty of people and animals. since i worked last night, and the oldest child had a swim meet all morning, this was easier said than done.
my hubby stayed up until around 2AM touching up paint spots and other various chores that are best done when the littles are snug in bed. i got up around 11:30 and began immediately cleaning the kids rooms. dinasaurs out of this bathtub, ponies out of this bed, legos out of the carpet, nail polish off of the tile, 12 towels gathered from bathrooms, 2 sippy cups, and too many articles of clothing to count.
my laundry room needs to be staged??? have you seen my laundry room on a normal day? me neither, you really can’t open the door to tell the truth.
3:12 (he comes at 3:30) the little girls grab a cup of popcorn and spill it on the couch. im not too proud to admit that there could have been some yelling.
3:14 vacuum up the popcorn, child number 3 gets out a popsicle and drips it on the floor. keep moving.
what really stumped me was making my bedroom “pop” with an accent color. this means towels for the master bath, throw pillows, vases and a blanket. i have none of this and at this point it is too late to find it. we will do without towels. i will steal a pillow from the couch and a vase off the fireplace.
is that dog i smell? fill up the diffuser with some purification oil. gone. again, thank you for the oils!!
3:27 the house is done minus a few more spots that need paint, mama and kids are out the door so the photographer can work his magic.

at 4:30 he was finished and said it went really well! he said the house was so empty he did not have to move anything for pictures. yay!! one step closer!

life was calm once.



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