why we love ebooks as curriculum


We opted to use a whole bunch of ebooks this year, in place of buying the physical workbooks. They are very economical, and can used for more than one child. Whether you have multiples in the same grade, younger children who will need them in the future or a buddy to split the cost of the curriculum they are a great buy!

Some of our favorite ebooks come from the critical thinking company, they have an amazing selection of fun, creative curriculums. They aren’t like traditional curriculum, in the sense that they really have your child think outside the box.

The critical thinking ebooks my 5th grader is using this year are:
-punctuation puzzlers
-the language mechanic
-vocabulary smarts 2
-think and write 2
-social studies daily mind benders
-think about time 1
-thinking directionally
-novel thinking: Shiloh



We store our ebooks in plastic 3 pronged folders. The plastic is a bit more sturdy than it’s cardboard option, and much easier to store than a binder. They also fit great into our work boxes. Plus they come in gun, bright colours!


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