essential oils for baby


Everyone wants the best for their child, and most Mama’s are especially cautious with what they use on and around their infants. Essential oils are the perfect choice when it comes to a safe, natural, non-toxic, chemical free way to care for baby.

Baby wash can be made be made very simply, and leave baby smelling sweet and clean. Here is a great recipe:

2 tablespoons baby mild castile soap

4 drops of lavender oil (or your favorite scent)


a foam soap dispenser

Merely pour the castile soap and lavender into the dispenser and fill with water. Gently shake, and viola your done.

Baby lotion is a painless mixture of coconut oil and  lavender. It leaves baby smelling delight and leaves their skin soft and moisturized.


Diaper ointment can easily be made by combining coconut oil with a few drops of lavender and melrose.

Eczema or dermatitis can be treated with a carrier of coconut oil or olive oil, combined with a couple of drops each of lavender, melrose and lemon essential oils. Peppermint is also an add in option, though there is some controversy surrounding the use in children under two.

Gas can be soothed with a drop of gentle baby combined with a teaspoon of carrier oil, then rub on baby’s abdomen.


Colic is calmed by using bergamont, ylang ylang or roman chamomile mixed with a carrier rubbed on to baby’s chest.

Fussiness or restless nights can be alleviated by either diffusing  or topically using peace and calming, cedarwood and/or lavender.  Valor is also a good calming option.

Cradle cap is an easy fix with coconut oil and either rose and/or melaleuca oil. You can always add some lavender to sweeten the smell too.


Teething can be eased by using thieves oil rubbed directly on to baby’s gums. I used it on my 10 year old’s sore gums and she said the relief lasted for over 3 hours!

Ear infections can be treated by placing 2 drops each of melrose and lavender on a cotton ball and placing on baby’s ear held in place by you or a band-aide. Rub some lemon and copaiba around baby’s ear for pain relief, and some thieves on the bottom of their feet as an anti-viral.

**Please remember not to leave baby unsupervised while treating their ear with the cotton ball, its a choking hazard.**

Upset tummies can be soothed with di gize or peppermint (another age controversial use), mix with carrier and apply topically to baby’s abdomen.


General illnesses can be shortened by rubbing theives on the bottom of babies feet a couple of times a day.

Respiratory illnesses can be eased with the use of raven and RC, rotate between the two. Mix a drop with a carrier oil and rub on babies chest and back.

Disinfecting toys and home can be done simply with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and a few drops of theives. No need to rinse toys after cleaning, the vinegar smell with fade as the item drys.

Love on your baby and try a few of these 🙂






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