soothing headaches with essential oils


I suffered with daily headaches for over 13 years, they ranged from an average headache, to tension headaches, to full blown migraines. I was taking pain medication multiple times a day. I started using essential oils to treat them and within 6 weeks I was pain free. I rarely get a headache now, and if I do they are very mild. Amazing! Though it sounds terribly cheesy, essential oils changed my life. After struggling to deal with pain for so long, it’s an amazing feeling to be free from it, it has made me a much happier person. OK, enough about me, how do you soothe your own headaches?

First off daily lemon oil, every morning with a glass or two of water. You can pour the oil right on your tongue or stir it in your water. If you have another favorite citrus oil you can alternate with it too. Doing this will help flush the toxins from your body, while making it more alkaline, protecting you from things such as cancer.


Then there’s pain control.

If I feel a headache coming on, I try some stress away rubbed into my temples and across my forehead. Sometimes thats enough to stop it in its tracks.

For a mild headache you can try peppermint, with or without lavender. You can rub it into your temples, across your forehead and at the base of your skull.

Here are a few of the main oils used for greater pain relief:

Deep relief

Pan away and peppermint combo


Stress away




RC or Raven- sinus

Breath again-  sinus



Next up are my favorite oils combinations and applications for particular types of headaches. You can try as many, or as few of these steps as you like. When I get a headache there is no messing around, I need it gone so I can get on with my day, so I go all out, every time!

For a cluster headache, a headache in the front forehead area, I use deep relief or pan away/peppermint, rubbed into my temples, across my forehead. I then put some valor on the back of my neck, stress away down the sides of my neck, starting behind my ears, then swipe some M-grain across my shoulders.

For a sinus headache, I apply deep relief or pan away/peppermint to my temples across my forehead, a swipe across my cheekbone (not too close to my eyes) and also behind my ears. Then swipe breath again down my neck and rub either RC or Raven on my chest. I also like to put a little stress away or valor on the back of my neck.

For a tension headache, an ache at the base of my skull, neck area, radiating up, I apply deep relief or pan away/peppermint to the back of my neck, rubbing it up into my hair line and behind ears. I swipe M-grain across my shoulders, and rub a little into my temples. I apply stress away across my forehead and valor down the sides of my neck.

For a migraine headache I apply deep relief or pan away/peppermint to the most painful areas, then apply M-grain to the rest of my forehead and temples, and across my shoulders. I apply valor to the back of my neck, and behind my ears. Then swipe stress away across my chest.

These methods have never failed me. A few times at the beginning I would re-apply some deep relief an hour or so in, but other than that they have always worked.

Hopefully some of these ideas and tips will help you find some relief of your own.



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