essential oils for cats and dogs


Dogs and cats are coated in harmful chemicals every year to prevent fleas, ticks, and Mosquitoes; which we in turn are exposing ourselves to. They are also treated with medications that are harmful to their systems, for pain relief, ear infections etc. Plus they are bathed in shampoo full of chemicals. Our furry friends deserve better, and there are plenty of healthy, natural alternatives to be used.


Fleas, ticks, Mosquitoes treatments can easily be replaced by purification. To treat dogs you will need a 50/50 combo of purification and a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Rub it over their bodies, make sure to get their legs, belly and ears well. For cats dilute by 75%, and do the same. At first apply once a week, you can gradually space out to once every 3-4 weeks. Your pets will smell fresh, and they will be bug free, naturally.


Painful joints or muscles can be relieved with some copaiba, deep relief or pan away and peppermint combine with a carrier oil 50/50 for dogs and by 75% for cats then massage into their painful spot. Your friend will be grateful and feel much better.


Ear infections can be soothed with lavender and melrose, diluted with coconut oil, by 50% for dogs, and 75% for cats, rub into your pets ears a couple of times a day, for much happier ears!


Ear mite’s can be treated with purification and peppermint. Use 2 drops of purification, with 1 drop peppermint, mixed well with teaspoon a carrier oil. Dip a cotton ball into mixture and swipe in the inside of your pets ears, being careful not to go into to the ear canal. If their ears are inflamed you can also add lavender to the mix.



Cut, scrapes and lacerations can be healed quickly and easily with lavender oil. Dilute with coconut oil, by 50% for dogs and by 75% for cats then apply to the injury.


Anxiety can be eased with a little peace and calming. Dilute with a carrier, then rub just inside  your pets ears, and wipe the access on their body.


Digestive issues can be solved with an application of di gize, dilute 50% for dogs, and 75% for cats then apply to their abdominal area. You can apply again as needed.


Dental pain can be relieved with some thieves, this is the only oil I wouldn’t dilute when using on my pet. Just put a dab on your finger and apply to sore area of your pets mouth.


Pet shampoo recipe- this one has oils to help with allergies, but you can change them up however you like.

1/2 a cup Castile soap

1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin

1-1/2 cups Water

2 drops lavender, 2 drops lemon and 1 drop peppermint oil

Mix ingredients in a jar, and the shampoo is ready to go!



Try some of these on your own pets, for happier, healthier friends!



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