fantastic new workboxes


A couple of months ago I started reading about Sue Patricks workbox system, it seemed like a good system for me to tweak and use in our classroom. I wanted it to be an economically friendly idea, so buying $60 draws for each child wasn’t going to work.

I decided on milk crates and file folders. Target has milk crates for under $4 a piece. I also found some fun, coloured file folders there too.

I then searched online for a cute numbering system. I had decided on velcroing a chart at the end of each crate, then the kids could Velcro a file folder number to it, as they finished an item. I found some adorable images on ironic adventures . So I printed those out and laminated them. I also found a “mom’s help” image, in case one of my kids gets stuck and wants to skip to the next folder in their box.

This is what the turned out like. Pretty awesome right? : )

20140730-165805-61085865.jpg                20140730-165804-61084834.jpg





When I fill them the night before school, I will stagger subjects, so that the items that require the most help won’t all be done at the same time. For example child A will have math in folder 3, while child B will have math in folder 6. Hopefully that makes sense.

Have you tried workboxes? How did they work for your family?



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