my top 5 essential oils


There are so many amazing oils to choose from, its so hard to narrow down favorites or starter oils. So here are my top 5 and why I love them.

Lemon: First off it has to be lemon, my whole family uses this at least once daily, a drop on our tongues washed down with a glass of water. It gives me a little boost of energy, and helps flush out toxins. It makes your body more alkaline, which makes it much more difficult for cancer to grow. I’m sure it has aided greatly in my reduced blood pressure, and headaches. I also use it on spider veins and in a face scrub to treat my old lady acne.


Deep Relief: Next I pick deep relief, this oil saved me by reducing my headaches considerably. It is also very, versatile, it can be used on many types of pain, from a broken bone, to a pulled muscle, to sciatica. It truly deserves a spot in my top 5.


Lavender: This is another family favorite. We diffuse it every night to help aide in a peaceful nights sleep. Its also used on all of us, including the dogs, topically to help calm or alleviate tension. We use it on cuts, scrapes, wounds, bug bites, minor burns, thinning hair. Lavender is a very loved oil around here!


Thieves: This oil has my favorite scent by far, it smells like Christmas in a bottle. I apply it to whomever in my family is feeling under the weather, or to prevent illness in a public setting. It is used on mouth sores or tender gums. I diffuse it in our home to kill germs. I also mix it with a vinegar/water solution to clean everything from the kitchen sink, to the bacteria covered toilet. This is an oil we will never be without.


Peace and Calming: Though its a hard choice selecting a final oil, it has to be peace and calming. This is also diffused each night, and promotes wonderfully, rejuvenating sleep. I also use it on our children or dogs if they are having a tense or even wild day. There’s nothing better than having an oil that cures toddler tantrums! But I myself truly appreciate it too when its been a long day, and I just need a hot bath and a little peace. 



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