Lemon Verbena: my newest superfood!



My friend recently told me about the wonders of lemon verbena.   I was having an exceptionally stressful day in house selling land.  She suggested I try a cup to help calm my nerves.

I did some reading and discovered that people have been using lemon verbena as an anti anxiety and antimicrobial for 2,000 years!  Herbalists and aromatherapists have used it internally for insomnia, anxiety, weight loss and aromatically for head colds.

It is very high in citral.  Citral makes up over 35% of the essential oil in lemon verbena, vs. 5%-10% in lemon and lime.  Citral is an antioxidant, antifungal, and aids in blood sugar regualtion and fat breakdown.  Sounds like a superfood to me.


I went out to the garden and pulled a few leaves, heated some water and let it steep for a couple of minutes.  One squirt of honey and voila.


This was seriously the best tasting tea I have ever had.  I can’t be without it ever again!  After a little more research, we discovered you can grow it easy in a pot by a sunny window.  It will certainly be growing in my home.

I did feel calmer after drinking it.  The experience of steeping it, the sweet lemon aroma, and the fresh citrus taste were a great combination.



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