Homeschool Botany Class


We started school back up today, after taking a month long summer break. We will keep within the summer theme and make the most of outside activities while we still have the chance! We began our botany unit today, my kids have really enjoyed helping me in the garden this year, so they were excited to start.

We started by reading Eric Carl’s Tiny Seed, such a cute story that all ages love. We then looked at some basil we had brought home from the farmers market, it had rooted and had just finished flowering. My kits took apart the seed pods, and collected the seeds, to plant next year. Then we took a field trip out into our back garden, we looked at plants and how they reproduce. They looked at the seedlings that were just starting to spout in our vegetable garden.


We then went back into the house and they started their nature journals for the year. The younger three drew the plant cycle and labeled it. My oldest wrote about what she had learned about the plant cycle and what she had noticed outside, also drawing picture’s to depict it. Then they chatted about different types of fruit and what kinds of seeds they have. They drew pictures of those too.


It took us about an hour to complete today, they are excited to learn more tomorrow and expand on their nature journal entries.


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