Homeschooling by the Sea


We were lucky enough to take a family vacation to Florida this past week. It was the kids first time to the beach, it was an amazing experience for them and a great homeschooling opportunity.

We drove, and it was quite a drive for us. This gave the kids a chance to write in their travel journals, look for different number plates, learn about new states and how they differ. They got to see new land formations, trees and animals along the road side.


While in Florida they were exposed to so many new things. They explored the beaches, learned about shells and the creatures whom once dwelled in them. They learned about the ocean, waves and currents. They learned about different types of fish, jelly fish, dolphins and sharks exploring their habitats and researching their diets. They learned how belly board, and spent hours in the sea practicing. They ran and swam until they collapsed into bed at night.
The whole trip was a wonderfully fun and educational experience for the whole family. My kids can’t wait to go back! 🙂



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