The Summit: Experience the roots of nature’s medicine


Hi all! We are having a really exciting Facebook event September 7th. It will be just like an oils class, but via Facebook.

We want to share with you something that has changed our lives. Something that we see as a critical resource for raising our children, taking care of ourselves, our spouses, fighting some of the super bugs that our world has, and cutting toxins from our homes. 

We want this Facebook event to be a place where you can come and enjoy fellowship with other moms/dads… husbands/wives… grandparents… nurses/teachers/professionals… people just like you!

Our passion is people and their health!… And our stepping stones to better health are essential oils. They have CHANGED the way we look at our medicine cabinet… they’ve empowered us to take care of ourselves and our families without having to run to the doctor. They have helped us fix problems NATURALLY!

There will be lots of information on why and how to use oils, and more about the starter kits. All you need to do is come to this Facebook event page a few minutes before the start time. Follow along as we post info, photos, videos and links! We will have a few games and prizes! Feel free to pop in and out as you can… all the posts will be numbered, so you’ll be able to follow the info in order.  We hope you will join us for this fun evening!

For more info and to sign up: 




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