building your foundation


I remember hearing a story when I was little that I share with my own children.  You have probably heard it, but it is certainly worth repeating.

There once was a carpenter who built houses for a living.  He worked for a builder who would hire him to build the houses he created. They worked together for many years and the carpenter finished several houses for this builder.

Before he retired the builder showed the carpenter blueprints for his final house.  It was beautiful.  Every room was ornate, detailed, crafted to perfection.  It was to be his most elaborate home yet.  The carpenter was tired of building houses for this man.

He cut corners.  He did not level the foundation correctly.  He did not let the concrete cure before putting in the frame. He hurried through the ornate details and skimped while priming the rooms for paint.  Once the house was completed, he went to tell his friend and employer.

The builder handed him back the keys and said, this house is for you my friend.  You have worked long and hard for me, this is my gift to you.

The whole time he was building his own home.

This is a story about each one of us.  Each and every one of us are building our own home so to say while we are raising our children.

What kind of foundation are you putting in?  Are you taking time to make sure everything is level, cured and steady?  Are you cutting corners because it is easier?  Are you ensuring what fills their mind and body is the best material that you can get?

This is what got me started down a healthier path in the beginning.  I want to start my children off with a foundation full of good stuff.  I don’t want to fill them with unnecessary toxins, chemicals or antibiotics.  I don’t want to reach for a pill if something natural will work.

I want to read to them, play with them, encourage them.  I don’t want them to give their attention to video games instead of their friends and family.

I want them to get their moral road map from me, not from their peers.

It takes more time.  It takes more attention to details.  It takes more effort.  But then when you get the keys handed to you, the finished product has been built from a strong foundation.  You know the work that has gone into it, and you can be proud.


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