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Benefits of lime essential oil


I have recently discovered a new favorite oil.  Lime!  It smells like tart candy and tastes amazing.


Because I seem to be consuming it daily in my water – I did a little research to figure out if there were side benefits besides getting me to drink more water.  I found out it does all sorts of things, and is one of the cheapest oils you can buy – bonus.

Lime oil may help regulate blood pressure, especially due to stress.  Lime is one of the key ingredients in one of my favorite oil blends, Stress Away.  I know Rachel can attest to its ability to lower blood pressure.

By adding a  drop to your water throughout your day, you are also increasing your energy levels and boosting your mood. Who doesn’t need that?

Lime is a powerful antiseptic, and when applied externally, it can cure infections on the skin and in wounds.

Along the same line, lime oil helps to fight and protect against viral infections, which may cause the common cold and all strains of influenza.

Consuming lime oil in your water daily is known to help aid in weight loss

Lime oil will tone muscles, tissues and skin as well as the various systems that function in the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive and excretory systems.

Lime oil can reduce pain in the muscles and joints and is a very good antioxidant.

This is cool – when consumed, lime oil is known to heal infections of the throat, mouth, colon, stomach, intestines, and urinary system. It is also miraculously effective in curing sores, psoriasis, ulcers, and rashes.

Mix 2-3 drops of lime oil in 1 ounce of water. Mix well, and then place on cotton ball. Apply to acne.  Can also be used as a toner for oily skin.

Something that I am excited to try, I read that for varicose veins you can mix 2-3 drops in a carrier oil and massage on affected area.

For arthritis and rheumatism, use 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on affected area to help heal and alleviate pain.



How to use essential oils


Wondering how to use these awesome oils once you get them?

There are three main ways to use them.



  • Apply on the “problem area” (Bug bites, etc. Some applications might require dilution).
  • Apply on temples, behind ears, back of neck, or chest for anything
 systemic (cold, flu, depression, fever, etc.)
  • Rub oils on the feet, hands, spine, neck, temples – you will find favorite spots for each oil!
  • Make an ointment out of your favorite oils and coconut oil.  Use just like a lotion or salve.  (pain cream, sleeping ointment, antibiotic ointment, allergy cream)


  • Diffuse oils into the room with your Young Living
 diffuser, this is especially effective for emotional issues.
  • Smell oil straight from the bottle.
  • Cup hands over nose and inhale after a topical application.
  • Put a drop of oil into your hands, rub them together, cup over nose/mouth and breathe deeply for 2 minutes.


  • Drop a few drops of oil into a capsule and take it by mouth.
  • Always drink with a full cup of water!
  • Drop a few drops of oil into water, a smoothie, tea, juice, or
 other fluid in a glass or metal container.
  • Use various oils in cooking recipes like cinnamon, clove, lime, lemon,
 peppermint, oregano, and thyme.





I thought it would be fun to add a list of recipes that feature essential oils.  It is so fun to replace our nasty toxin filled beauty products with all natural ones.  These recipes and more can be found on living it out.



Lemon Sugar Scrub

2 Cups of Sugar
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Organic Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
20 drops Young Living Lemon Essential Oil

With a mixer, mix the sugar and oil together. Add the lemon juice and Lemon Essential Oil. Mix well. Store in glass jar with a lid.

DIY Detox Deodorant
2 cups organic coconut oil
10 drops Young Living Lavender essential oil
10 drops Young Living MelaleucaAlternifolia or MelaleucaQuinquinervia oil
10 drops any other Young Living oil (I use En-R-Gee)
1 ½ Tbsp aluminum free baking soda OR Arrowroot powder

In a food processer or blender, whip the coconut oil for 1-3 minutes until soft and whipped. Add in the drops of Young Living Essential Oils and baking soda. Blend for another minute. Store in a cool, dry place in a glass jar with a lid.

Moisturizing Body Butter
1 cup organic  coconut oil
3 Tbsp Pure Shea Butter
2 Tbsp Cocoa Butter with Jojoba Oil
20 drops Young Living Essential Oil(Lavender, Joy, Peppermint, or another oil that supports skin health)

In a food processor, add all your ingredients except the essential oil. Whip until smooth. Use a spatula to scrape down the sides a few times and keep whipping! It will continue getting smoother and creamier as air whips into it. When it is whipped to the desired consistency, add your 20 drops of essential oils and whip again to combine.

Brightening Facial Moisturizer
1 cup organic coconut oil
20 drops Young Living Frankincense Essential oil (could also add Lavender, Myrrh, Elemi)

Whip coconut oil in a blender about 2 minutes, then add essential oils and whip another minute. Store in a glass mason jar in a cool, dry place. If you don’t like coconut oil for your facial moisturizer, you can also add Frankincense oil to Grapeseed, Avocado, Jojoba, Rosehip, or Olive Oil and store in a glass dropper bottle or soap dispenser.


Insect Repellant

4 oz witch hazel
4 oz purified water
12 drops each of Young Living Purification, Thieves, Peppermint oils.

Add witch hazel and water to an 8oz spray bottle. Add drops of Young Living Essential oils. Shake well and spray on legs and arms to repel insects.

Chemical-Free Sunscreen

1 cup melted coconut oil
85 drops (1 entire 5ml bottle) of Young Living Carrot Seed essential oil
20 drops Young Living Lavender or Myrrh essential oil

Combine essential oils into the melted coconut oil. Store in an old, cleaned out sunscreen or lotion bottle, or in a mason jar. Remember – coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, so this sunscreen might be mostly liquid if you spend the day at the beach! Reapply every hour or as needed.

Relaxing Detox Bath Soak
1 cup plain Epsom Salt
2-4 Tbsp pure baking soda
5-7 drops of your favorite Young Living Essential Oil (Stress Away, Lavender, Aroma Siez, Joy, Peace & Calming, etc.)

Add Epsom salts and baking soda to a small bowl or measuring cup. Add drops of Essential Oils to the Epsom salts. Pour the salt mixture into an empty bathtub, then add warm-hot water. Soak for up to 30 minutes. Drink lots of water before, during, and after soak. Please use caution if on blood pressure medications.


BONUS – Lavender Mascara Trick!

One thing we all LOVE to do is to add just 1 drop of Young Living Lavender essential oil to a NEW, never-opened or used tube of your favorite mascara! Lavender helps to stimulate hair growth and is also a natural anti-histamine, so it can help with itchy allergy eyes!